Spring Beauty Treats for Sensitive Skin

Hello! I’ve decided to brighten up this Thursday with a beauty post.

One of the benefits of lockdown (and we look for them where we can, right?) is that for us sensitive skin folk, it’s an opportunity to test a change in our beauty routine without worrying about displaying a red face to the outside world the next day. So here’s a couple of new things I’ve been using over the past few weeks. I’d love to know what you’ve been trying too!

Getting Grown-Up with Eye Cream

The other day, I walked into the bathroom smiling, and was startled by the crows feet around my eyes. Obviously we all get them and as we get older, they settle in to stay. But the depth of the lines still caught me by surprise. It was something I didn’t know about my appearance.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not afraid to wrinkle and I’m accepting white eyebrow and head hairs with grace (whilst pulling them out). Recent events have highlighted to us all that ageing is a luxury, and I’m not going to spend a fortune trying to hide from the inevitable. But I’ve been aware that eye cream is a gap in my routine – I’m 27 now and could have better habits this side of 30. I did use eye cream for a while in my early twenties, but it seemed like an easy cost to cut. I’m also still a bit rebellious from my teenage years, when the local beautician (who used to exfoliate my troubled skin til it was raw) tried to persuade me I should use eye cream regularly as a preventative measure. There are lots of good habits a 16 year old should get into for their skin (cleanse, tone and moisturise; don’t buy cheap acne products; and always remove make-up before bed). I remain doubtful that they should spend their pocket money on anti ageing eye cream.

Anyway, back to the point: where do you start with eye cream? How much is logical to spend at this preventative, daily maintenance stage? I’ve started with the Garnier Organic Lavandin Eye Cream, as hydration and sensitivity are my main concerns just now. I’d also like to try La Roche Posay’s slightly more expensive options, as I really rate their products for my rosacea skin.

I’ll report back on progress but any tips in the meantime are appreciated….

Goats Milk and Oatmeal Soap

Bear with me, it’s less hippy than it sounds. As I mentioned in my last 5 Delights post, I’ve really been struggling with hayfever this season. I never had any problems before but lately I’ve been plagued by itchy skin, sore eyes and facial puffiness. I have a new found sympathy for everyone with hayfever – it’s so very annoying!

The skin itchiness has been the worst part for me – particularly at night or after a shower. I’d been using a Molton Brown shower gel – which I really love – but I was really feeling the need for a cleansing product that could also offer a balm for the itchiness. Goats milk is high in vitamins (particularly A) and minerals, and it’s gently and thoroughly moisturising. The oatmeal is also very lightly exfoliating. I’ve really been feeling the difference in how soft and clean my skin feels, without that firey itchiness when I step out the shower. It’s definitely having a softening and soothing benefit over time as well.

There are loads of brands (big and small) who do goats milk or other forms of natural, gentle soap. I’d look out for any businesses that are local to you to support just now. Also, make sure to read the product description to ensure it is organic and free from parabens, palm oil and other chemicals.

So there you have it! I’ve introduced these two products around my core routine – which has really improved my rosacea skin over the years. If you suffer from skin sensitivity, I’d recommend having a read of that core beauty post too!

Hope you’re keeping busy and happy, and making the most of this time to savour those favourite products and perhaps find a new beauty treat.