5 Delights Found in Lockdown (post 3)

Happy Monday! It’s the start of another lockdown week – though here in the UK we are maybe seeing some gradual shifts begin this week. This also means it’s another 5 Delights post. These are 5 specific things that have made me feel delight (happiness, relief, etc) during the past week, amongst all the uncertainty of the current times. You can catch up here on the first and second posts.

Hope you enjoy and, as ever, I’d love to know what things you’ve been finding a bit of delight in during this time.

An old t-shirt

On the whole, I’ve done well over the past 7 (8?) weeks to not wear my pyjamas all day. I try to dress for the day because the difference in my mood is considerable. But from the past week, the item I’ve been most grateful to wear is an old t-shirt. One I got for free at the age of 9 from the Rainforest Cafe at Disneyworld Florida. There are photos of me wearing it like a dress on that holiday. I was small for my age and it was generously sized to accommodate every possible tourist child in 2002 (before they invented things like healthy school meals). Eighteen years later, it fits me perfectly. In the between years, it has softened, worn and faded slightly from its role as fancy dress, pyjamas, painting gear, comfort wear, etc. It means more to wear it now than it ever did – it sums up holidays and family, when both are removed for the foreseeable. So it’s a delight, tinged ever so slightly with loss. But there’s also the satisfaction that I eventually grew to fit it.

A new book (well, a Vintage Classics Edition)

I’ve been rereading Jane Austen novels during this time (which I do quite regularly anyway, because I love them). I’d left my cloth bound hard cover Pride & Prejudice copy at my parents, so I took this as an opportunity to buy a Vintage Classics copy as well. I love their patterned cover designs – we have a few Virginia Woolf editions around the house. This may sound superficial but it’s a delight to have a really pretty (and easily portable) copy of a book that you love. You can never have too many.

Kitchen Equipment that you use for what it’s supposed to be used for

By which I mean: we bought a baking sheet, a bread tin (2 lb) and a bread knife recently and they have revolutionised our kitchen. We started using them last week (after doing that wait 3 days before opening the package thing). Previously, we were baking anything and everything in a brownie tin – from cakes to reheating meat – and hacking at bread with a blunt Ikea knife (a very slow and brutal way to get the job done). It’s a lot easier when you have the right equipment for the task. Who knew?

Using our new gadgets, we baked a loaf of white bread at the weekend. It made a delightful bacon sandwich.

Listening to audiobooks

I’ve been making use of my local library’s app to borrow audiobooks. Last week I finished Big Little Lies and started The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (both are as good as they’re widely recommended to be!). It’s been a delight to listen to a story develop as I build on my own projects each day. It’s like turning up to work in the company of a group of familiar characters.

Feeling rubbish

Since lockdown began, I have kept my homesickness and long term fears locked up in little boxes within my head (I can visualise what those boxes look like when I close my eyes), and I have kept myself away from them. I know they’re there, but I’m over here getting on with other things. But whether it’s the potential shifts coming up over the next week, or various other things going on, it’s been a relief to just admit to feeling rubbish for a while. I’m still not opening those boxes but I’ve had a bit of time to stop this weekend, feel sad and sorry for myself, and then get going again. So I think there’s a weird delight in wading into a bit of misery (it’s probably healthy).

The key point though is there’s an even bigger delight in finding you do, even now, have the ability to dry yourself off and getting on with things again. Our ability to continuously get back up again is a marvel.

And on that note, I leave you with a cheerful shot of freshly baked white bread:


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